Washington Cricket League
Washington Cricket League Details
Address: Washington Cricket League
P O Box 11717
United States - 22009
Established: 1974
Current Series: 2022 WCL 40-Over Competition

This is the official website of the Washington Cricket League. Originally established in 1974, we are the premier Cricketing League in the Washington D.C. metro area and currently administer forty two teams in this area.

WCL has a vibrant youth program to coach youngsters in the Washington-D.C. Metro Area. If you are interested in participating, please contact WCL. If you need additional information, please contact WCL Youth Coordinator regarding the schedule and other details.

Our Leadership Team:

Board Of Directors

  • Mr. Roxroy Anderson (Chair)
  • Mr. Patrick Bailey
  • Mr. Sheldon Ellis
  • Mr. David Roll
  • Mr. Shakeel Yusuf
  • Mr. Anand Patel (President of the Executive Committee)
The Board Of Directors can be contacted at WCLBOD@GoogleGroups.com

Executive Committee

  • Mr. Anand Patel (President)
  • Mr. Na'il Miakhel (Vice President)
  • Mr. Varun Bhatia (Executive Secretary)
  • Mr. George Klaiber (Match Secretary)
  • Mr. Rafay Syed (Statistician)
The Executive Committee can be contacted at WCLEC@GoogleGroups.com

Judiciary Committee

  • Mr. Krish Krithivasan (Chair)
  • Mr. Na'il Miakhel (Vice President of the Executive Committee)
  • Mr. George Klaiber (Match Secretary of the Executive Committee)